Become a Committee Member

Why Become a Committee Member?

Committees are what put the wheels in motion for an organization. Joining a committee not only provides you the opportunity to become more involved in ASME but it also enhances your professional skills. In addition, being part of a committee gives you a chance to meet new people within ASME and make new friends. Don’t let this great opportunity pass you by!

If you would like to become a committee member, click here to complete the application. Any questions regarding the committees, please feel free to contact the committee chairs.

Below are the committee chair contacts and information about each committee.

Events – Eunice Marquez   communication-email-2-icon-7

  • Develop enjoyable experiences by planning details for all ASME social events.
  •  Coordinate with appropriate parties to ensure events are maintained and running smoothly.
    •  Acquire room reservations if needed as well as tables and chairs and any other necessary item(s).
  • Conduct regular committee meetings to maintain contact with each other and organize event ideas and details.
  • Generating an estimated budget to present to Treasurer prior to event date.
  • Keep record and receipt of all transactions with regards to the event.
    • Only approved transactions will be conducted.

Outreach – Jesus Hidalgo   communication-email-2-icon-7

  • Research potential outreach events and execute ideas with consent of elected officers.
  • Maintain relationships with previous organizations and events.
    • Intro to Cougar Engineering
    • Houston Food Bank
    • Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
    • Homerun Hitters Inc.
  • Organize all outreach events and gather volunteers for events.

Recruitment – Tooba Ehtesham   communication-email-2-icon-7

  • Organize representation at university recruitment and social events.
    • The Cat’s Back
    • New Student Orientation
    • BOS Party/Chili Cook Off
    • Etc…
  • Having committee attend various class sessions and inform of events and meetings.
  • Represent ASME and recruit potential members at various university events, including ASME hosted events.
  • Producing flyers and other advertisements for recruitment purposes.
  • Improve freshman and sophomore membership and participation.
  • Serve as a Lounge Facility Manager, keeping the lounge clean and presentable.
  • Seek out diverse membership potential.

Newsletter – Van Nguyen   communication-email-2-icon-7

  • Communicate with all elected officers and all other committee chairs to maintain accurate and up­to­date information for the newsletter.
  • Assemble and arrange the weekly newsletter.
  • Complete each weekly newsletter by Monday morning to be sent to members by the secretary.
  • Compile an End­ of ­the ­Year Newsletter/Yearbook.

Webmaster – Katya Urrutia   communication-email-2-icon-7

  • Maintain all websites owned by ASME.
    • Updating contact information.
    • Handing over admin rights.
  • Keep record of account login information and renewal dates.

Public Relations – Tamaramiebi Ogun   communication-email-2-icon-7

  • Moderate the ASME social media pages, which include: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram/Snapchat.
  • Record ASME events, meetings, and lifestyle through videos and pictures.
  • Publish multimedia content on a regular basis to the website and appropriate social media outlets.
  • Maintain a professional yet personable character while publishing.
  • Arrange for other members to complete their duties if unable to attend events or meetings.
  • Collaborate with other students, organizations, and attendees at events to diversify picture/video content.

Parliamentarian  – Lacey Manning   communication-email-2-icon-7

  • In charge of maintaining order of any voting process conducted.
  • Will keep tally of votes and present results to Executive Board.
  • Report theft or abuse of lounge supplies, resources, or furniture to appropriate parties.
  • Enforce ASME Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Resolve disputes that involve at least one member of ASME to the appropriate parties.
    • Any physical injury or major incident must be reported to ASME Advisor.
    • Minor infractions will be reported to Executive Board.

Membership – Jacinta Adriansyah   communication-email-2-icon-7

  • Responsible for maintaining an up­-to-­date list of current and graduated members.
  • Responsible for keeping track of members’ attendance to general meetings and infosessions.
  • Discerns which members have or have not paid for membership yet.
  • Sends reminders to unpaid members.
  • Updates members’ points according to ASME’s point system.

Mentorship – Dakota Dalton   communication-email-2-icon-7

  • In charge of Mentor­-Mentee relations.
  • Assures that Mentors and their respective Mentees meet regularly and participate in ASME events together.
  • Mentors advise and help their Mentees through their classes and schedules.

Energy Coalition – Noussair Erassifi   communication-email-2-icon-7

  • Serve as a liaison between ASME and The Energy Coalition.
  • Be the voting representative for ASME in all matters within The Energy Coalition with consent of elected officers.
  • Attend all meetings for the Energy Coalition or ensure another member is present in your stead and relay information back to Executive Board.
  • Inform Newsletter Committee of events and opportunities hosted by The Energy Coalition.
  • Inform Executive Board about any requirements/dues for the Energy Coalition.

Alumni – Anthony Carbone   communication-email-2-icon-7

  • Actively reaches out to ASME Alumni.
  • Works to support a strong relationship between ASME’s current and past members.
  • Recognizes fellow alumni who are distinguished by their loyalty, professional achievement, and community service.
  • Informs fellow Alumni of ASME’s current progress.
  • Does not have to be a current student in the next academic year for this position.

Fundraising – Esti Brookhim   communication-email-2-icon-7

  • Works to increase ASME’s funds.
  • Works closely with the Treasurer.
  • Plans and sets up fundraising events throughout the academic year.
  • Engages in the execution of all aspects of fundraising campaign, including marketing and personal solicitation.