The Team


President – Tooba Ehtesham

Vice President – Wadad Lahoud

Secretary – Aliane Wright

Treasurer – Pratik Dalwadi


Below is a description of each position. If you would like to become a committee member, click here to complete the application. Any questions regarding the committees, please feel free to contact the committee chairs.

Professional Events -Miebi Ogun  

  • Plan details for all ASME professional events.
  •  Coordinate with appropriate parties to ensure events are maintained and running smoothly.
    •  Acquire room reservations if needed as well as tables and chairs and any other necessary item(s).
  • Conduct regular committee meetings to maintain contact with each other and organize event ideas and details.
  • Generating an estimated budget to present to Treasurer prior to event date.
  • Keep record and receipt of all transactions with regards to the event.
    • Only approved transactions will be conducted.

Social Events – Saba Iqbal


Outreach – Louis Jorski  

  • Research potential outreach events and execute ideas with consent of elected officers.
  • Maintain relationships with previous organizations and events.
    • Intro to Cougar Engineering
    • Houston Food Bank
    • Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
    • Homerun Hitters Inc.
  • Organize all outreach events and gather volunteers for events.

Recruitment – Zaman Azhar 

  • Organize representation at university recruitment and social events.
    • The Cat’s Back
    • New Student Orientation
    • BOS Party/Chili Cook Off
    • Etc…
  • Having committee attend various class sessions and inform of events and meetings.
  • Represent ASME and recruit potential members at various university events, including ASME hosted events.
  • Producing flyers and other advertisements for recruitment purposes.
  • Improve freshman and sophomore membership and participation.
  • Serve as a Lounge Facility Manager, keeping the lounge clean and presentable.
  • Seek out diverse membership potential.

Webmaster – Spencer Jordan  

  • Maintain all websites owned by ASME.
    • Updating contact information.
    • Handing over admin rights.
  • Keep record of account login information and renewal dates.

Public Relations – Saad Riaz  

  • Moderate the ASME social media pages, which include: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram/Snapchat.
  • Record ASME events, meetings, and lifestyle through videos and pictures.
  • Publish multimedia content on a regular basis to the website and appropriate social media outlets.
  • Maintain a professional yet personable character while publishing.
  • Arrange for other members to complete their duties if unable to attend events or meetings.
  • Collaborate with other students, organizations, and attendees at events to diversify picture/video content.

Parliamentarian  – Katya Urrutia   

  • In charge of maintaining order of any voting process conducted.
  • Will keep tally of votes and present results to Executive Board.
  • Report theft or abuse of lounge supplies, resources, or furniture to appropriate parties.
  • Enforce ASME Constitution and Bylaws.
  • Resolve disputes that involve at least one member of ASME to the appropriate parties.
    • Any physical injury or major incident must be reported to ASME Advisor.
    • Minor infractions will be reported to Executive Board.

Membership – Farhan Abbasi

  • Responsible for maintaining an up­-to-­date list of current and graduated members.
  • Responsible for keeping track of members’ attendance to general meetings and infosessions.
  • Discerns which members have or have not paid for membership yet.
  • Sends reminders to unpaid members.
  • Updates members’ points according to ASME’s point system.

Mentorship – Humza Saeed

  • In charge of Mentor­-Mentee relations.
  • Assures that Mentors and their respective Mentees meet regularly and participate in ASME events together.
  • Mentors advise and help their Mentees through their classes and schedules.

Sports Coordinator – Daniel Ahumibe


Marketing – Nida Yilmaz


External Technical Projects – Jalal Yazji


Internal Technical Projects – Jon Hood