ASME Points

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Activity Points
 Join an ASME Committee (per year) 50
Attend a General Meeting (+5 points if wearing ASME shirt) 25
Attend an Information Session 25
Attend a Social Event 20
Attend a Professional Event 20
Vote in the officer elections (per year) 20
Become a paid member (per year) 20
Like us on Facebook (one time) 15
Follow us on Twitter (one time) 15
Follow us on Instagram (one time) 15
Volunteer at an event (per hour) 10
  • All activities will be credited automatically by the ASME member in charge of the event
  • Points will be uploaded to ASME files by the ASME Membership Committee

*Only Facebook and Twitter Points need to be registered separately, follow this link to submit credit.

** Please follow link if you feel like you are missing points and provide a detailed explanation.