ASME Newsletter — 2/15

February 15, 2016

Event Calendar

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General Announcements

School Goes On

Hopefully career fair wasn’t too hard on you.  Those exams you’ve got coming up on the other hand… won’t be so kind.  Get back into school mode and get studying!  Good luck on your first wave of exams.  Remember, only 4 weeks until Spring Break!!

ASME Scholarships

The deadline to apply for ASME awarded scholarships is March 1st.  If you’re an ASME student member, and have at least a semester or two to go, check out this link and look into applying for a scholarship for next year!  It looks like they take your application and put you into the running for the scholarship that best suits you.  No needing to apply to a million scholarships to try and find the right one.  Make sure you read all of their tips and directions so you don’t miss out.  Good luck!

Heads Up

There will be some changes coming up to the banners and pictures used in the newsletter.  Be advised that things might look a bit strange or may not be working properly as we go through this transition.

Event Information

Texas A&M Regional Engineering Conference

TREC will be here the 4th and 5th of March. Once teams have been set up, and if you are one of the chosen, you should receive an email from the officers to let you know.  As a participant, you will work with your team to solve the engineering problem presented to us the morning of the competition.  It’s a great time to get to know some of the other ASME people and add a design project to your resume!

Women In Engineering

 For all our lady engineers, on Thursday, March 3rd at 6:00 pm there will be an event at the UH Hilton in the Shamrock Room.  If you want to meet and talk to professionals and see what some of our Alumni are up to out in the world you should go RSVP here by February 25th.  If you follow that link you can also read a little bit more about what is going on with the event.

IEEE Chili Cook Off!

The spring semester’s Chili Cook off will be on Thursday, March 10th on the front lawn of Engineering Building 1.  This year ASME and SAE are teaming up to submit the best chili to compete in the chili cook off.  So we’re calling all cooks!  Do you have a great Chili recipe to represent us at the cook off?  If you don’t have a great recipe but still want to help out we’re also looking for assistants as well as cooking gear to borrow for that afternoon.  Maybe you just want to eat some Chili!  Go here and fill out this form for us by the end of the day on Wednesday February 17th!!

Out Of The Darkness Walk

On Saturday, April 16th there will be a Suicide Prevention Walk at Lynn Eusan Park.  The walk’s registration begins at 8:00 am.  The walk is scheduled from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm.  If you’re interested in joining ASME please go here and fill out our form to let ASME know how many people we’re going to expect.

FMC Visit

Friday, April 22nd there will be a shop tour at one of FMC’s shops in the Houston area.  The tour will be from 10 – 11:30 am and won’t include the subsea fly-over that you might have seen at one of the FMC info sessions.  We are limited to 20 people so save the date and keep checking the newsletter for a sign up link.

Reminders and Contact

ASME Point System

Welcome to the age of the ASME Point System. Please read the informational page on the website for details on the point system.  Thank you all for your cooperation with this system and please remember that this is going to be a developing process!

Snacks and Membership Dues

We have a Paypal account where you can pay for snacks in the lounge or your membership dues. You can pay dues at and your snacks can be paid at Paypal by sending the money to For the snacks, make sure that you check the current price list on the cabinet and please remember that this is going to be a developing process!

Websites and More
ASME UH Facebook ASME UH Website Inline image 1
Facebook             Website              Twitter
If you want to take a look at all of these events in a calendar we invite you to go to our website and check it out.  Did you want more information on a specific event?  We invite you to go check out the website and see if you can find it on our calendar, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for the officers can be reached at  You can also stop by the lounge to check if one of them is around.  Volunteers are always welcome!

Involvement and Questions
If you enjoy ASME and want to be more involved, there is plenty you can do to help out the organization.  Contact the officers at for more information. Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Tell us!

Brought To You By: Brian Doran


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