ASME Newsletter — 10/5

October 5, 2015

General Announcements

Midterms Incoming!
Hopefully you’re all being more proactive about your coming midterms than I’ve been!  Study up and be the curve killers.  If you don’t want to do that, check out our calendar and see what’s coming up that you can use to distract yourself from the pain. As a reminder, you can click on event titles to save them directly to your calendar!

Student Center Space
Don’t forget that we’ve got a space over in the student center for ASME members.  This is a good place to check out what other university clubs are around as well as meet people in those different organizations.  Sometimes it’s quiet, sometimes not.  Go check it out and use our sign in sheet at the desk so that we can make sure that we keep the space for those who want to use it.  We need a minimum of 10 hours per week to keep the space for ourselves or it’ll get reallocated to another club.  Don’t know where it is?  Check out this video!  They start us off on that path between the UC and Student Center near the library.

Don’t Abuse the Lounge
The ASME lounge is there for all of us to use to make our day more comfortable whether you go for the free coffee or the snacks or just to hang out.  There is no maid service!  The building cleaners will empty our trash cans and that’s it, so please make sure that you get your trash into one of them!  It’s disgusting to find half cups of cold coffee from who knows when, empty food wrappers, and used napkins all over the lounge.  Please throw your trash away and keep the lounge clean!

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!  Just kidding, no wrenches will be thrown.  SASE and ASME are trying to form up a couple of teams for the dodgeball tournament and need more people to join up.  There’s a sign up sheet in the lounge on a whiteboard but you can also email your info to the officer crew at  Check it out before the teams fill up!

Event Information

Info Session #2
LyondellBasell will be joining us for our second Info Session of the semester. The session will be on Wednesday, October 14th from 7-9:00 pm.  Food will be provided. We will update you as we finalize the room.  Come on out and learn about LyondellBasell and the opportunities they have!

Note: Date changed! Please be aware that we are moving the date of the info session to October 14th. Room is still pending, but location will be confirmed soon.

Blood Drive
ASME is teaming up with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center for this year’s Blood Drive on Wednesday, October 21st from 10am-5pm.  If you’re interested in donating blood or simply want to donate some time, please visit the Blood Drive link HERE and get signed up!  The bus will be located in front of the University Center so we will see you there.  Join us in helping save lives!

Info Session #3
NASA will join us on Tuesday, October 28th from 7:00 – 9:00pm.  The meeting will be in Arnold Agnes Hall 1. ASME will be serving free pizza. If you’re interested in a career working with NASA come on out!  Even if you aren’t, IT’S NASA!  Come out and learn about our space program!

Extra-Life Gaming Marathon
Come by and help raise money to support Texas Children’s Hospital by playing video and board games for 24 hours straight!  We will be playing from 5 am Saturday, November 7ththrough 5 am Sunday, November 8th in the ASME Lounge.  We will have plenty of TVs, video game systems, PCs, and table top games to go around.  Food will be provided for those who register to help raise money.  If you wish to register, go to our Team Page and select join.  We are “ASME at UH” and we need your help to reach our $1,000 goal!  Last year, we were close with just over $700 raised.  With some more help we can definitely beat it this year!  Please contact ASME for details or if you have any questions.

You do NOT need to register to attend!  You only need to register if you want to help raise money to meet our goal and if you want food while we’re playing.  If you don’t want to participate but want to donate, just visit the Team Page and select donate!

ASME Tailgate with Energy Coalition
The next game for tailgating is October 8th. We will be located in spot #46 near the student entrance. Free food will be provided! ASME plans to attend around 4pm. Please join us We’re going to be grouping up with the Energy Coalition to do tailgates at all of our home games.  A list of our home games can be found at the UH Cougar Football page.  Come on out and hang out with fellow engineers and cheer on our team.  The Cougars are 4-0!

Reminders and Contact

Snacks and Membership Dues
We will keep this going on our newsletter for a little while since it is a pretty big change.  We have a Paypal account where you can pay for snacks in the lounge or your membership dues. You can pay dues at and your snacks can be paid at Paypal by sending the money to For the snacks, make sure that you check the current price list on the cabinet so you can send the correct amount.

Websites and More
ASME UH Facebook ASME UH Website
Facebook            Website
If you want to take a look at all of these events in a calendar we invite you to go to our website and check it out.  Did you want more information on a specific event?  We invite you to go check out the website and see if you can find it on our calendar, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for the officers can be reached at  You can also stop by the lounge to check if one of them is around.  Volunteers are always welcome!

Involvement and Questions
If you enjoy ASME and want to be more involved, there is plenty you can do to help out the organization.  Contact the officers at for more information. Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Tell us!

Brought To You By: Brian Doran


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