ASME Newsletter — 9/3

Welcome Back!
Welcome back for the 2015-2016 School Year everyone. We’ve changed up some things around ASME so come check out the lounge and hang out. Please note, you can click on the event name to add it directly into your calendar. In general, Newsletters will be coming out every Monday morning.
Snacks and Membership Dues
One of the new things we’ve got going on is a Paypal account where you can pay for snacks in the lounge or your membership dues. You can pay dues at and your snacks can be paid at Paypal by sending the money to For the snacks, make sure that you check the current price list on the cabinet so you can send the correct amount.
Committee Member Availabilities
We have some open committee member positions for this coming year. The open positions we have are Outreach, Events, and Recruitment. Your responsibility would be to help out each of the chairs for these positions with their duties. If you’re interested in one of the committee positions and want more information, send an email to
Opening game is September 5th from 3 – 7 pm. As part of our new partnership with the Energy Coalition, we will be conducting our tailgates with them. So come out to our opening game and party and network with everyone. There will be people all around the university with us, so a great chance to meet plenty of new people. Also, if you just happen to enjoy free food and beer then this might just be the best place for you. We’ll also have a photo booth and face painting for those who want to partake.
Career Fair is upon us yet again. Come on out Wednesday, September 9th from 7 – 10 pm for our Career Fair Prep Event. New and veteran engineering students are welcome to attend. There will be a fashion show so you know what is appropriate to wear, a resume critique and advice session, tips on follow up procedures for after the event, and a student success panel. The event will take place in W122. ASME will be joined by SWE, the Energy Association, and GeoSociety at this event. This is the first year doing it, so if you’d like something like this in the future, make sure it is a good turn out!
Our first general meeting will take place on Tuesday, September 15th from 7 – 8 pm in room L2 D2. We will be discussing some changes to ASME as well as our upcoming events and open up the floor to get comments and questions from you!  Just so everyone is aware, the general meetings will be different than the information sessions hosted previously. General meetings have a focus on ASME as an organization and will allow members to hear what is going on directly and allow a forum for feedback.
ASME T-Shirts will be handed out during the first general meeting, so please pay your dues by the time so you can be one of the first to receive them! If you haven’t seen the shirt yet, please check them out!
Career Fair
Our Career Fair will be on Thursday, September 17th from 9 am – 4 pm at the UH Hilton. As always, dress in Business Professional and bring copies of your resumes to hand out to the representatives that you talk with.
On Thursday, September 17th from 5 – 9pm we will be out on the lawn in front of Engineering Building 1. After you’ve talked to the reps at the Career Fair and worked on getting your summer internships or jobs lined up you should take a break at the Fall BOS Party! We’re trying to get some of our MECE professors to participate in a dunk tank. You’ll get one ball for free and additional balls can be purchased for a small price so that you can dunk your professor and help us raise money for the Extra Life Children’s Hospital charity event we will be doing in November. We might also have some lawn games set up so come on out and have some fun and relax!
Involvement and Questions
If you enjoy ASME and want to be more involved, there is plenty you can do to help out the organization.  Contact the officers at for more information. Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Tell us!
Brought To You By: Brian Doran

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